Is your shop accessible?

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Our shop is wheelchair friendly with a ramped door access and wide doorways. Both our showroom and bridal suites are on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible. For people with specific sensory needs or those who might require a quiet, lower-input environment, please get in touch and we can advise you of times when the [...]

Is Roberta’s Bridal LGBTQIA+ friendly?

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We consider ourselves a safe, inclusive, welcoming space for every kind of bride or person getting married and your guests. We’re all about creating your dream bridal experience and celebrating the love you share with your partner and spouse-to-be. We understand that the bridal industry can often be quite binary in the way it describes [...]

I’m not comfortable undressing/being undressed with an attendant in close quarters – will a staff member need to be in the changing room with me when I’m trying on my dress?

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While some bridal stores insist on being present when a bride is trying on a gown, we are a consent-led team and uphold a “knock first” curtain policy. That means that an attending stylist will never pull back the curtain and enter the changing space you’re in unless they secure your express permission and consent. [...]

Do you stock bridesmaid dresses?

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Yes, we have an extensive range of bridesmaid dresses in a huge variety of styles. We accommodate for all sizes, styles, and shades (with over 200 colour options), alongside providing matching looks for flowergirls or young people involved in the wedding party.

Am I allowed to take photos in store?

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While we welcome you to take photos or snap selfies of yourself and your bridal party, we ask that you respect the privacy of other customers who may be visiting the store. As any stylist will tell you though, poorly lit photos taken with a grainy camera phone are not going to do your look [...]

Do you offer alterations?

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While we don’t not have an in-house seamstress, we can book you in with our highly experienced alterations specialist who’ve been partnered with for over 15 years. You will be asked to pay our seamstress partner directly for any alterations. You are of course absolutely welcome to use your own seamstress – we suggest you [...]

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

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In practical terms, all you need to bring to your appointment is yourself and any ideas you may have about what kind of dress you might like. We don’t require you to wear any specific under-clothing unless you have something particular you’d like to try on with the gowns. Many styles of gown are designed [...]

What sizes do you stock?

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We are a size-inclusive bridal store and the majority of our 200+ dresses are available in sizes 6 to 36. We also carry a diverse range of sizes ready to try on in store. If you have any further questions about sizing or would like to specify in advance that we have a certain size [...]

Can I bring children?

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We do love welcoming children to Roberta’s Bridal, especially when they’re going to be part of your big day. However, knowing that toddlers or very young children running around can contribute towards a stressful environment for the bride trying on, we would encourage you to consider not bringing young children to your bridal appointment. With [...]


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