As an LGBTQ+ friendly bridal store, we’re here to help you find and fall in love with the wedding dress of your dreams.

Choosing your perfect wedding dress should be a truly joyful, unforgettable moment.

As you step in front of the mirror for the first time, we want you to feel that rush of excitement, anticipation and raw emotion that means you’ve found the one.
As an LGBTQ+ friendly bridal store, we are passionate about making sure every single one of our brides has the opportunity to fall in love with their dream dress.

A safe space for LGBTQ+ brides

We believe that every bride deserves to feel welcome, included and safe when they come through our door. Put it this way – you won’t find any ‘Mr and Mrs’ signage at Roberta’s Bridal!

Inclusive bridal store experience

If and when you want to share more about who you are and your love story, we reflect whatever language you use – and extend the same courtesy and respect to your guests.

LGBTQ+ friendly bridal team

Our friendly professional bridal stylists welcome every bride without making assumptions about who they’re marrying, what their gender identity is, or what style of gown they’re drawn to.

Zero tolerance for discrimination

We do not tolerate discrimination or abuse of any kind at Roberta’s Bridal, whether of customers or staff. We’re committed to keeping our store a safe space for LGBTQ+ brides and people.

Wedding dress shopping with your partner

If you’d like to make an appointment with us and shop as a couple, our bridal stylists can help both you and your partner find your dream wedding dresses together.

We also have two separate but adjoining changing suites if you’d like to shop together but surprise each other on the big day!

Bridal gown specialists and LGBTQ+ brides

At Roberta’s Bridal, who you love or how you identify doesn’t affect the level of service, support and experience our brides receive.

In fact, there’s only thing that we’re limited to when it comes to helping our brides discover their perfect wedding day look: whether they’re rocking a frock or not!

As a bridal gown specialist, we’re unable to assist brides who are on the hunt for a stunning suit to wear on their big day – but if you’re visiting the store with your partner or browsing for inspiration, we can’t wait to welcome you.

When the word “bride” doesn’t feel quite right

You might have noticed that we use the word “bride” at Roberta’s Bridal to describe the person getting married who’s search of their dream wedding dress. While it is a traditionally gendered term, we know that there are plenty of brides out there who don’t identify as women.

We also understand that for some people, being described as a “bride” doesn’t feel right to them, and that’s totally OK. If you let us know before or during your appointment, your stylists will do their best to support you in this.

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