Weddings are a joyous occasion, where family and friends come together to celebrate the love between two individuals. And what better way to add to the festivities than with confetti? Confetti is a tradition that has been around for centuries and is used to symbolise good luck and prosperity. However, the use of traditional confetti has come under scrutiny due to its environmental impact. In this blog post, we will explore the history of confetti at weddings and modern eco-friendly alternatives.

The History of Confetti at Weddings

The use of confetti at weddings can be traced back to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, rice was thrown during weddings as a symbol of fertility and good luck. Similarly, in ancient Rome, guests threw wheat, rice, and even nuts at the bride and groom to bring good fortune.

The use of paper confetti started in the 1800s when a machine was invented that could cut small pieces of paper. These small pieces of paper were then dyed in bright colours and used as confetti at weddings. This trend quickly caught on and soon became a staple at weddings worldwide.

The Environmental Impact of Traditional Confetti

While traditional confetti may be fun and colourful, it can have a negative impact on the environment. Traditional confetti is made from small pieces of paper or plastic that are difficult to clean up and can take years to decompose. These small pieces of litter can end up in our oceans and harm marine life. Additionally, if traditional confetti is not disposed of properly, it can contribute to air pollution.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Confetti

If you want to have confetti at your wedding but also want to be environmentally conscious, there are several eco-friendly alternatives to traditional confetti.

1. Biodegradable Confetti – Biodegradable confetti is made from materials that decompose quickly and easily, such as rice, flower petals, or leaves. These materials are not harmful to the environment and can be easily cleaned up after the wedding.

2. Birdseed – Birdseed is a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional confetti. It is inexpensive, biodegradable, and can be easily swept up after the wedding. Plus, it’s a great way to feed the local bird population!

3. Lavender – If you’re looking for a fragrant and natural alternative to traditional confetti, consider using lavender. Lavender is a beautiful and fragrant herb that can be dried and used as confetti. It’s also a great way to add a touch of colour to your wedding decor.

4. Bubbles – Bubbles are a fun and whimsical alternative to traditional confetti. They are easy to clean up and are not harmful to the environment. Plus, they make for great photo opportunities!

Confetti has been a staple at weddings for centuries, but the environmental impact of traditional confetti cannot be ignored. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly alternatives available that are just as fun and colourful as traditional confetti. By choosing an eco-friendly alternative, you can help protect the environment while still adding to the festive atmosphere of your wedding day.