OMG …. you’re getting married! It’s exciting so why do you feel terrified about the prospect of trying on wedding dresses?

You’ve probably heard horror stories of consultants staying in the dressing room waiting for you to get dressed and we all know how awkward it is getting undressed, pulling your trousers or lettings off and standing in you bra and pants.

But fear not… we do not do that at Roberta’s Bridal in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. We want to be respectful of your privacy whilst also giving you the help you need to try on the gowns so here’s how we do it.

Our bridal dressing rooms are completely private and set away from the shop floor with sofas for your guests. Once you are behind the curtain this is your space. We lay the dress out in a way that you can step in and pull it up to the bust then you give us a little shout and we pop back though to fasten you up and set up up for your big reveal moment with your friends and family.

There may be times you need help getting into a gown. As they’re samples they’re not always your exact size and in that case we’d ask if you mind us helping, sometime you may prefer you mum to help and that’s fine too. We just want you to feel happy and comfortable.

A relaxed bride is a happy bride and that’s our mission. So I hope this has helped alleviate any fears you have.

Why not book your appointment and put the team to the test at out Stoke-on-Trent Bridal Shop?